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Manifesting Reality Secrets - how can you get what you want fast

Manifesting Reality Secrets - how can you get what you want fast

Don't force the Universe to give you what you want because with this demanding force, you will most likely get the opposite of what you want.

The things we are drawn to, tell a lot about us, after all we're about our attraction. Note, here I'm substituting thoughts with attraction. We are the residue result of the preceding thoughts or attractions.  

Put differently, we are here and now thanks to the manifestation of our preceding or recent thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, actions and attractions. Isn’t it intriguing, the cause and effect mechanism, “what we are here and now are caused by preceding thoughts”, this incredible fact arms us with the might to manifest what we seriously want, by drawing in them in the present. Reality Creation Secrets is a beautiful phenomenon. Isn’t it? 

Here are the 3 steps to 'Force' the universe to give you what you want: 

1) Take Responsibility

What you go through is definitely your own. I may talk over your life with you, I may understand your situation, and I may do my best to you. But afterwards I may go home to my own life and forget about yours. You don't have that luxury. 

If you want to be successful, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that you experience in your life. This includes the level of your achievements, the results you produce, the quality of your relationships, the state of your health and physical fitness, your income, your debts, your feelings—everything! This is not easy. 

It’s not always pleasant to take responsibility for our life and circumstances, especially when those circumstances are unfavorable or completely out of our direct control. However, when you fail to take responsibility you put yourself at a clear disadvantage. 

You are disadvantaged because you are resigned to the fate that you are powerless and incapable of making things better.

Remember that you are responsible for yourself, whether you like it or not.

No one is racing to save you. No one will hand you the ultimate job, and no one will work out your relationship issues. No one will lose the additional blubber on your body. If you don't proactively work out your own issues, they'll never be worked out. If you wish changed results, you have to go out and produce them yourself. 

Taking on total responsibility for your life signifies being willing to accomplish what's necessary to produce the result you want. You have to be willing to ante up the price to meet your needs and satisfy your wants. 

You have to actively make your life story occur rather than passively allowing it to play out. You'll certainly make errors along the way, but you have to never quit on yourself. 

The silver lining is that while embracing complete responsibility may be really ambitious, it isn't unattainable. You might not have had much command over your outcomes up to now, but the dedication to develop your might gives you the chance to at last produce a life of your choosing. 

 Your mortal will is far more potent than any obstacle in your path. You'll certainly meet challenges and setbacks while going after worthwhile goals, but if you merely continue your willingness to ante up the price, you'll sooner or later succeed. 

 2) Be Dedicated

If you hear someone state that success is easy, hightail it as fast as you are able to as you're about to hear a sales pitch for some product. The honest truth is that it's truly hard to win at something you've never executed previously. 

But that's absolutely all right. Get the picture that that failure and success aren't opposites. If you bomb, it signifies you're taking action, so you're making mistakes and training yourself. Success occurs by nature once you finally learn how to take the right actions.  

What do you desire? What are your fantasies? What do you long for so severely that you can't quit thinking of it, even if you believe it unimaginable? Let yourself dream. Cultivate your richest desires, regardless how impractical or unimaginable they appear. It's absolutely all right to wish the unimaginable. It's not all right to make-believe that your wants don't matter. 

Take one step at a time. Be patient with yourself as you experience failure. When you're pursuing a goal you truly want, the sort that nearly brings you to tears when you consider it as you connect with it so deeply, then you have to persist with it. Regardless how hard it gets, don't stop. 

Don't press yourself to achieve massive success at the beginning. Merely do the best you are able to. At the start, your best may be scarcely one notch above total half-wit -if you're lucky. Sooner or later you'll earn a little basic competence.  

And farther down the road, people will call you an authority-an authority being an person whose failed enough to win at getting what they want.  

 It's incredible inspiring to watch individuals battle through one failure after some other without resigning. From the exterior looking in, it may appear as if they can't possibly succeed. However they still hang in.  

Finally they learn what they have to learn. They successfully align their anticipations to fit reality, and finally their actions start bringing on the intended results. I'm struck by those who I can see are bound for greatness, but no one else realizes it yet. The revealing sign is always the same- persistence.  

If you're clear about what you want, settle for nothing less. Admit that success will take time, maybe much longer than you'd like. Free yourself of the fast and simple, something-for-nothing mentality.  

3) Learn and Practice the Law Of Visualization

Did you know that thoughts are made of pure energy?

Ever had a song in your head and the next thing you know, someone around you starts humming that tune and you go, “Hey I was just thinking about that song!” Our thoughts have the ability to affect others.  

Our thoughts are like transmission signals. When you think about something, you transmit it out into the universe - it is as simple as that.  

The more you focus your thoughts on something, you start to manifest it. Think of it like the power of concentration. To make something real, you have to spend more time concentrating on it.  

The longer you focus on a single thing, it is likely to come true whether you are aware of it or not.  Here are a few examples of how it works in reality.  

If you focus on poverty, you will attract poverty... 

If you focus on love, you will receive love. So at the end of the day you attract whatever you focus upon. 

 You see in this world, we believe there is such a thing as positive thoughts and negative thoughts. However, the universe doesn’t discriminate if a thought is positive or negative.  

Like the magnet the mind not only attracts, but also repels. If you do not believe you can get or accomplish something, then you repel it. Thoughts of incompetence, weakness, fear and inferiority create a repellent force. It is as if you are creating a wind that blows away and prevents certain things to reach you. 

Everything is just a thought to the universe. 

Our emotion plays a big part of any visualization exercise and it is important to start with good positive thoughts and feelings. When we feel good we can attract more feelings of feeling good. 

So if you focus on positive thought, you will attract a lot of positive things from the universe.  

So if you focus on a negative thought, you will attract a lot of negative things from the universe.  

Therefore, you have to visualize your desire to attract your desire. Know what you want and start manifesting it. Visualization is an easy tool that is used to create reality through daydreaming, mental rehearsals, imagination and fantasizing. However with the lack of power of these images, visualization is usually used to created unwanted experiences where the greatest fears are mentally rehearsed over and over in the minds. 

4) Create A Vision Board - Write down your goals and then find images that match those goals. Create a vision board using magazines and cut out the words and images that resonate with you. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life.  Create a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life.

5) Feel the emotion - How would you feel if you have already achieved your dreams? Would you feel more happy, content, joyful, relaxed, peaceful, secure, comfortable,...? Feel the emotion now. And act as if you have already got what you wanted.

If the thoughts are the formulation of your desire, the emotions give them context. The key is to create an alignment of your thoughts and emotions. Act as if you already possess the things pictured on your vision board - the house, the car, or your business. Say, “this” is already mine. Imagine that you want to manifest one billion dollars. What emotion does that thought evoke in you? Can you feel complete joy and gratitude for having that kind of money? State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them. 

6) Repetition -Look at the images on your vision board over and over. If you visualize consistently, you will become more motivated to do the things that will get you at least closer to what you’re dreaming about, you’ll be getting inspired as to what to do -  you will be getting hunches to act upon.

Repetitiveness of vision combined with your associated emotions will develop your power to visualize and take action to achieve your goals.  

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