How Can You Become Money Magnet? – Monika Pavlickova

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How Can You Become Money Magnet?

How can you become money magnet fast?

It all starts with a realization that you don’t want money as such but rather something that you think the MONEY is going to bring to you. It could be a feeling, it could be an experience, it could be a material object.

Stop focusing on the money.  The money itself is not important, it means nothing, there is as a common misconception that you hear all the time at that is that you can't be happy until you make a certain amount of money  and that you need to make this much money, you need to chase money so that you can be happy.

There are many people chasing money and even like sacrificing their own health, relationships. They are sacrificing so many other things in their lives for money and they don’t realize that we don't really care about money as such, it's just what you think money will bring to you.

This is about your focus rather than the money itself. Money itself does not make you any happier the money itself does not make you any like it doesn't improve the quality of your life anymore it's what you want with the money. It's what you think the money will get you even if it is a feeling of like freedom and relief that's what you're truly after and so that should be your main focus rather than oh I want to make ten thousand dollars per month or I want to do this per month or per year okay so think about right now right like once I have the amount of money that I desire what will it actually get me what do I actually want that is a symbol for me right now of freedom of relief of ease so it could be that car that you want right that symbolizes to you that yes I have freedom yes I have the ability to get what I want or do what I want in this world it could be a house it could be it could be anything it could be nice clothes it could be being able to take care of another person what are you actually after start focusing on that and then the money can actually start making its way to you and this is something that a powerful something that's really powerful that I learned from reality trend surfing is that once you start to focus on the goal itself and start to try to put the goal into motion now and the money that you need for the goal can actually start show up in your life in ways that you could not have imagined.

Don't chase money and don't have money as a goal. Start focusing on what it is that you want for example if you want to buy a new house, start to visualize yourself living in that house already. Start to take steps to move towards that new house and look for new houses online and visit shops with home decorations and furniture. Imagine that you are already living in that beautiful, luxury and big house. You are shopping for new items for your house.

Go and do window shopping and imagine living in your dream house. This way you will put a process into motion be goal focused and the money that you need in order to make that apartment happen will start to come to you number two get yourself into a vibrational state that actually is capable of attracting money so many people I talk to on a daily basis that want more money that want more abundance that want more well-being in their life and they're just waiting for it while their current habits and their current lifestyle is completely what you would call low vibration completely stagnant right just like not putting anything into motion themselves like your body and mind have to be prepared enough to actually attract more money.

When you think of well-being and you have positive thoughts and attitude, this radiates a certain good feeling and quality to it. However, if you are always embodying a low vibration, if you're for example, always waking up late and you feel exhausted then you are not motivated, you're not driven. You have a stagnant energy. If you don't exercise or don't meditate and in general not looking very well after your body and well-being, then you don't have that drive and motivation to move closer to your goals. You have to increase your energy levels and start moving your body. This way, you can meet your dreams half way. 

Many people are waiting for the miracles to come from outside, without realizing that they contribute on creating their own reality on regular basis. If you are lethargic and lazy, finding difficult to motivate yourself getting out the rut, then your chances for achieving your dreams are close to nothing.

By raising your vibration and energy levels, you are preparing yourself to receive all the high vibration things. Prepare yourself for the prosperity and prosperity will naturally find you.

Wake up every single day and be open to miracles get out of the state of everyday living everyday living is just like you know you waking up kind of knowing what to expect you know that you have a job from 9:00 to 5:00 is what's gonna happen this is what my day looks like and because you have that certain expectation in your mind just embedded now you're literally closing off anything good that can actually happen to you because nothing good can happen to you if it is outside of your belief system.

So if you wake up every single day with the underlying belief that oh this is just what's gonna be my day just another day there's nothing special then that's exactly what's gonna occur. However, if you wake up being open to miracles like today is not just another day it is now it is right here now life is happening right now. I'm no longer chasing something in the future life is right now and if you live like that every single day good things can actually happen to you.

Get out of everyday living and start to treat every single day like a blessing.

Be fully willing to do what it takes be fully willing to put things into motion right what's going to attract more money into your life what do you think right now you could be doing in order to make money actually happen right so visualizing and you know like preparing yourself vibrationally for money is one thing which is amazing which is the prerequisite however on a physical level.

Start putting things into motion have the passion and the drive if money you know if you want more money if you want to make your goal happen and you want to attract money then put your goal into motion start taking one step in front of the other towards the direction of your goal. 

What attracts money is just another symbol for the value that you are providing to the world so if you are providing value to the world selflessly, this value will be returned to you and one of the ways that it returns to you is money right so what is one way that you can add value to other people what is one way that you can help the world become a better place like add to your universe and the universe will give back to you and this is why it's so like money comes back so naturally to you once you really start to you know create something that benefits other people not just money will come to you once you start benefiting other people health will come to you good relationships will come to you.

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