The Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard – Monika Pavlickova

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The Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard

In this article I would like to talk to you about the law of assumption and how to
effectively apply it into your life to create the life of your dreams and to
manifest your wishes.
This article is about the law of assumption from Neville Goddard's point of view.
Neville Goddard states that your assumption to be effective cannot be a single
isolated act. It must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled.
This statement is about the law of assumption and once you really understand this and apply it to your life, your destiny is going to change for the better, there is no doubt. 
So first importantly, it's essential for you to actually understand what this law of assumption really means. Neville Goddard teaches that the way to create anything you wish for is simply to assume the feeling of your wish being fulfilled
the reason is that nothing exists outside of your own consciousness.
Your entire experience of the world is a symbolic representation of where your consciousness currently is to change anything in your life you have to
change your beliefs and assumption you hold about it and this also is related to what you actually think about your word. Is your word a hostile place or does your world really care about you and take care of you and everything is working out beautifully for you.
Or do you believe that you don't have good luck and you actually suffer and you are a victim and nobody cares for you and you live in a poverty and your life is not supportive of you enough so start changing this attitude if it is your case as well and you can start affirming now:
My word is taking excellent care of me.
You can imagine and say to yourself in the morning when you wake up:
today is going to be amazing day. Today is going to be fantastic day.
I'm going to really enjoy it and set the intention in the morning.
Neville Goddard believes that it's all about our beliefs and assumption
in order to get what we want in our life he also states that everything you
experience is a result of your changing consciousness. Neville G. teaches
that changing your assumptions and assuming the presence of your desire is the only thing that will bring you about your wish and dreams action is irrelevant since action itself is a symbol of your state of mind your shift in consciousness is the only thing that is essential.
I kind of agree with this but to be honest with you some people are kind of stuck in the reality and they can move forward action is essential in a way because
once you actually start doing something no matter what it is working on your goals for example, studying new information.
Or another example, studying the online marketing or reading a book from Neville Goddard or other books.
You can read some of my books as well if you like. Taking a conscious action
that will also show your reality mirror that you actually are already living
and experiencing the reality you wish for.
So in a way I still think that action is somewhat essential for you to keep
moving towards your goal and meet your goal halfway and that's when the assumption and changing your beliefs and all the other reality creation
techniques come in handy but for people who are negative and don't really believe they can change their current situations and their current reality action is this first step moving forward and getting closer to your dreams.
I guess also everyone experiences life and reality creation slightly differently
so experiment with this I strongly believe that if you combine different reality creation principles and techniques, the better and faster result you will have.
It is also about being really creative with your manifesting reality process and think out of the box. For this reason, I share with you different principles about manifesting reality.
I also write books and have created courses about Switchwords which will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind.
So Neville Goddard also states: dare to believe in the reality of your assumption and watch the world play its part relative to its fulfillment.
The law of assumption is essential for proper reality creation.
How can you find the feeling of your wish of your goal?
In order for you to assume the nature and feeling of your wish you must simply
pretend that you have already achieved your wish and your goal. Imagination creates your reality and the more you can imagine yourself into an experience and more quickly you will be able to experience this in your physical world..
It's not about creating desire about your wishes and dreams.
It's about feeling the feeling of your wish and your desire pretend that it is already manifested for you and then imagine the feeling feel the feeling
of your wish.
The key here rests with your feeling. It's not enough to simply think
about your wish and dreams and basically to focus on your dream. It's mainly about the feeling what it is you would like to manifest.
How would you feel if you got what you wanted?
How would your desired reality made you feel?
Also, you must have faith and believe that you can have what you want and it
it's going to be manifested for you no matter what.
Adopt this attitude of ordering something from the online store.
You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing your desired gift.
You know that you have successfully placed an order, right? 
You know that you are are going to receive it. You are certain that the postman is going to deliver the parcel for you and will ring your bell, right?
You have no doubt about it. It is not really a big deal.
You can imagine the you know things like that and be playful
with this be creative.
The other thing is about the importance of persistence. If you can imagine yourself into your desired state of being then you have for all intents and
purposes already achieved your goal. The physical manifestation of your goal
is a secondary reaction. It's a reflection that you will experience.
As long as you maintain the feeling of the wish being fulfilled. 
Many people fail to apply this law of attraction because they don't maintain the feeling of their wish for a long time, you know and they are not persistent
with imagination and feeling as if.
That's why I recommend to you as well to focus on your attitudes, your actions your beliefs when no one is looking. What is it you are doing. Are you self-sabotaging because you think about the past mistakes or past failures you are critical of other people. Perhaps also you are self-judgmental. You are critical of your current reality and it means you are probably a little bit angry or
frustrated that your wish hasn't been manifested yet you might be um you know lacking energy as well you might feel sluggish you might feel desperation or
need that you really need this and if your dream is not going to manifest
you are going to be very very angry and frustrated unhappy and who knows what.
That's why feeling as if feeling that your desire has been already
manifested is essential for you to get what you want fast okay that's why I recommend that you feel relaxed you feel at peace with yourself with the world and it may also mean for you.
Perhaps cut off some people from your life that have been critical of you negative of you or
your dreams or also stop watching news or stop wasting time on social media if it is not productive.
All this comes into action for you as well. You might wanna put yourself
on a strict mental diet. That means allow yourself to experience
joy, peace, prosperity. 
Be aware of your focus and concentration. Where is your focus all the time? What do you focus on? 
Do you focus on the lack or do you focus on the abundance and prosperity
all around you?
All those techniques are very very powerful and your assumption to be effective
cannot be a single isolated act it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled.
It's the law of assumption. Believe and feel that your dream has already manifested and experience the feeling of fulfillment.
It's like feeling of getting paid, feeling of being in happy marriage, feeling of your dream coming true. You might feel more joyful and relaxed, perhaps more secure.
When you achieve for example some financial goal you know so think about the feeling. I would also recommend to think about the essence of what it is
what this wish and dream means for you what is the essence because
everything is energy money is energy the furniture in your home is energy as
well. Our thoughts are energy so once you actually realize that it's much easier
to focus on the energy and essence of it is you want.