5 TIPS ON HOW TO ATTRACT MONEY – Monika Pavlickova

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The mistake that millions of people make is a strong desire to get as much money as possible and an irrepressible thirst for wealth.
They do not have enough money all the time, and any monetary losses and financial problems are perceived as a real tragedy.
They overestimate the importance and create excess potentials that ultimately block monetary energy and prevent a person from succeeding in any way.
Give up the habit of complaining about not having enough money.
First, be humble and learn to be content with what you have.
Tell yourself: “I will have everything, only a little later,” and bring this attitude to the level of deep inner knowledge.
In the meantime, do not give in to anxiety, even if your salary is delayed, and you are bound by credit obligations, otherwise you will only aggravate the situation even more.
If you have your own business, free yourself from the fear of losing money.
Stand in the position of a player who takes life easily, with a passion that can hit a big jackpot at any moment.
And even if he loses everything, he can always win back.
Only your inner peace, free from a strong fixation on the desire for money, will eventually lead you to a life line full of abundance and luxury.
Instead of moving towards a goal, people begin to hunt for wealth, not even thinking about what exactly they need it for.
They stop understanding what they really want from life, and lose themselves in running in a circle. Without specific goals and life guidelines, you will still quickly squander everything you earn.
Having bought one car, you will soon want to upgrade it to a more expensive one; having built a country house, sooner or later you will notice that your neighbor has a bigger and more luxurious house - and so on ad infinitum.
You will give all your strength and energy to the money pendulum - and inside you will still feel only dissatisfaction and emptiness.
Ask yourself the question more often: “What do I want? Where am I going? What will turn my life into a holiday? "
Raise your awareness.
And then nothing will not be able to confuse you.
As long as you work for someone else's pendulum, you are serving someone else's goal, which means that you still cannot achieve real wealth and success.
This is why the myth is so common that wealth is the privilege of a minority.
In fact, there are enough resources and opportunities in the world for everyone who takes the daring right to have them.
Money will come as you approach your true goal.
For example, your goal is to start your own business.
And, if this goal inspires and fills you with energy, if you calmly and confidently go to it in harmony of soul and mind, if your business benefits the world, and the energy of external intention helps you by opening all the necessary doors for you - be sure, money will attach themselves.
But, if your goal is just money for the sake of money, you risk spending a lot of energy, time and health, but never become a truly rich person.
If you have accumulated a lot of jingling coins that only weigh down your wallet, put them in a separate box or piggy bank - let their energy stay with you and attract new money into your home.
Get a new wallet for paper bills, expensive and stylish. 
Store your money in it carefully, do not wrinkle it or keep it in your pockets.
Every time you have large bills in your hands, enjoy this moment, treat them with gratitude and repeat the thought form: "I have money, and there will be more." Even if you are accustomed to using bank cards, it is useful from time to time to hold "live", paper money in your hands, to feel the energy emanating from them and be charged with it.
When you spend money, do it lightly and with joy - because this is their main purpose.
If you have already made the decision to spend them - do not regret it, do not worry, do not reproach yourself for "spending money".
Do not try to save large sums without a specific goal, just "just in case." Otherwise, you risk losing everything. After all, money is energy that needs to be in free movement all the time, otherwise a strong excess potential is formed.
Create movement for money. Do not try to cut back on your expenses - rather strive to find new sources of income.
The main difference between a poor person and a rich person on the psychological level: the thoughts of the poor are constantly fixed on the "There is not enough money" attitude, he counts every penny and tries to save on everything.
A rich person, even if at the moment he does not have the means, will think that "There will certainly be money." And then the mirror world realizes this mental template in reality.
That is why, if you give a large sum of money to a poor man, he is very likely to go broke very soon.
And if you take everything away from the rich, he will start from scratch and succeed again.