Reality Creation Secrets! How To Kick Ass In Your Own Life And Your Bu – Monika Pavlickova

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Reality Creation Secrets! How To Kick Ass In Your Own Life And Your Business!: Your life will never be the same after reading and applying the secrets in it! - Monika Pavlickova

Reality Creation Secrets! How To Kick Ass In Your Own Life And Your Business!: Your life will never be the same after reading and applying the secrets in it!

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Dear Reader,

my ex-boss was a short, fragile ex SS military. Cold eyes and a steely glare that could kill fungus on the spot.
When he asked you a question, he would move his head to one side and ask condescending questions and shout and scream.
I would work my ass off to get clients not only for me but also for his business. He always wanted more and more clients without wanting to spend a dime on marketing and advertising. On top of it, the business receptionist did everything she could to repel any good client and kept offering them her own services.

Despite all of this, I kept working hard, did cold calling every day and invested my own money on getting the leads and draining my savings account. I couldn't sleep at night from all the stress and physical exhaustion.

Also, at that time I was interested in a guy who promised me collaboration and promotion of my business. Of course, it didn't happen and worse than that, he chose to help a prostitute get some work and promotion. I had a mental breakdown and wanted to commit suicide many times.

Who did that? I DID.

Who does that? YOU DO. Up to your eyeballs in debt. Just to have your name on the office door.

The SS spiritual guru had a diamond ring. Some people believed that he was possessed by demons and attended secret demonic sessions.

I called it a "blood diamond". Because I knew every bit of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get new clients for the business.

He would twist that ring around his finger the whole time he leered at me and talked down to you.

I lived with my neck under the SS boss boot until the day I discovered and applied the secrets mentioned in this book and my other book SWITCHWORDS MIRACLES.

Spending thousands of pounds on the law of attraction seminars and books did not work.

Applying this ancient knowledge in this book and choosing my own preferred reality did work.

In 6 weeks I went from 15 leads per week to 50-100 per week.

And I went from chasing and begging the clients to actually clients chasing and begging me to get an appointment.

And from then my life has completely changed because now I have multiple thriving online businesses and have a partner who adores me and is very proud of me.

I went from 0 to hero within a few months just applying the simple wisdom and techniques mentioned in the amazing book.

Your life can change to, it is just one decision away from you.

You feel frustrated, broke, weak, lonely like nobody loves you, nothing works out for you, you have low energy because you have read and tried every book on the law of attraction and manifestation and nothing, has really worked for you. You spent plenty of money on training and seminars promising life-changing secrets but no difference after attending them.

Don't read this book if:

- you don't want to change your life for the better
- you don't want to make big changes in your life
- you don't want to attract a completely new reality
- you don't want more money and a better lifestyle
- you don't want more love and happiness.
- you don't want to live a fulfilling life.
- you don't want to have a prosperous and thriving business
- you don't want to kick ass in your life and in your business

This book of secrets is going to reveal to you ancient information about how to make things happen in your life the way you want to with simple and proven techniques and steps that work.

My guarantee to You is that your life will never be the same after reading this book.

Don't wait any longer and Kick-Ass In Your Life and In Business!